Web Interactivity and Engagement

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Responsive Design

As technology advances and more users are accessing the web through various devices, responsive websites are becoming more and more a standard than an exception. I personally find it frustrating when I visit a site on a mobile device only to discover it wasn’t designed mobile-first or with responsiveness in mind. With those thoughts in […]


While the Web Interactivity and Engagement class does focus more on interactivity in terms of web management and content management systems, the user end of interactivity is also a vital and interesting part of any web site. With out your users interacting with your pages or content, your site becomes pointless. Exploring some of the benefits […]

User Interface Design

In previous posts, I took a look at User Experience and the psychology behind it based on the ideas and views of a few different experts. View those posts here and here. Today, I’d like to explore a close relative to User Experience Design,  User Interface Design. For starters, what is UI design and how […]

Page Performance and Optimization

What is Page Performance? Back in Chapter 2, we learned that performance can be described as: “the speed with which your information is obtained by the user, but also how efficiently the user is able to navigate to the information they seek. Performance can apply to a broad range of topics such as bandwidth, file […]

Another Look at UX Design

In a previous post, I discussed the importance of user experience design and the psychology behind it based on an article from Web Designer Depot. As the concepts of user experience and psychology are vast and ever evolving, I decided to take a look at another viewpoint with a few other ideas. Over at Smashing […]

UX Design

Regardless if it’s purpose is e-commerce or a blog, User Experience is a big part of any website. If your site’s visitors are having a poor experience, they won’t want to stay on your site and therefore won’t buy your product or service let alone remain on your pages long enough to read a blog. As […]

Context Aware Sites pt. 2

Previously I had discussed the concept of context aware websites. As the topic is very broad, has nearly endless possibilities to expand and continues to interest me, I decided to take a second look at it. From the poking around I have done, it seems the majority of the concepts stem from the post ‘Context-Aware […]

Context Aware Websites

One topic covered in class thus far this semester when discussing the elements of a website (in chapter 2), the concept of environment. The idea of designing with a users physical surroundings in mind while they are accessing a website is intriguing. Thinking of the physical, mental and resource factors combined, a designer has a […]

Grid Layouts

One of the things we’ve focused on thus far in Web Interactivity and Engagement this semester are grid layouts. Initially, a grid seems as if it would be in a fixed state, similar to the tables of web design past. But with the various environments that users visit any given web page in, designers can not […]

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