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Responsive Design

As technology advances and more users are accessing the web through various devices, responsive websites are becoming more and more a standard than an exception. I personally find it frustrating when I visit a site on a mobile device only to discover it wasn’t designed mobile-first or with responsiveness in mind. With those thoughts in […]

Responsive Grids

In my last post, I mentioned the need for web designers to keep responsiveness in mind when utilizing a grid layout. Content-out Layout from a list apart delves deeper into this concept by describing the process of using ratios and building your grids with relationships as opposed to simple columns. As that article describes, websites […]

Grid Layouts

One of the things we’ve focused on thus far in Web Interactivity and Engagement this semester are grid layouts. Initially, a grid seems as if it would be in a fixed state, similar to┬áthe tables of web design past. But with the various environments that users visit any given web page in, designers can not […]

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